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We are litigators. The David | Sauvé team is not afraid to take on difficult or controversial personal and business challenges. Our lawyers have significant and notable expertise that allows us to provide top-tier legal counsel across a broad range of practice areas.

Our team is committed to ensuring that government actions are legal, maintaining public confidence in its authority.

Sometimes careful and tailored appeals can support the review of the decisions of courts, tribunals and other administrative action.

Because expert medical care and legal support are essential for the road to recovery from brain injury, our team can deliver on experience that gets results.

When intervention is required to settle a dispute or bring it to trial, our team has the insight and experience to get results.

We understand constitutional issues and other questions concerning the exercise of governmental power, how to interpret them and advocate effectively for our clients’ interests.

Dealing with issues relating to construction – whether contracting, engineering, completion of tasks – is part of our foundation.

When your reputation is at stake, you need a lawyer that understands the gravity of your situation and takes every step they can to protect your reputation.

We offer specialized expertise and thorough knowledge of specific municipal processes to effectively represent you for all questions relating to expropriation.

Employee or employer, our team provides support, guidance, and steadfast employment law advice and representation.

The delicate and complex issues connected with medical treatments and interventions can be difficult to navigate but our team has significant experience with medical malpractice.

Our lawyers have experience representing municipal bodies, real estate and industrial owners and can offer significant expertise in municipal law and processes.

Whether an accident, a fall, or even an assault, our team intervenes on your behalf bringing significant related experience to bear to get the results you need.

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